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The Superintendencia Nacional de Administracion Tributaria as know SUNAT, is the Peru's tax authority. All purchases are sudjuct to the payment of the "Impuesto General a las Ventas (IGV - General Sales Tax) and the currency tax rate is of 19% and know IGV.
By Peruvian law all traders have the obligation to show the client the final price, including taxes. Every time you pay for services or goods you must demand the payment voucher that is called "Boleta de Venta" (Ticket of Sale). Another type of voucher of payment is denominated "Factura" (Invoice), which is only extended to certain type of Peruvian taxpayers (19%).
The services of restaurants and hotels have in addition a Service tax being the rate of 10%. In a restaurant it is used to leave an equivalent tip between 5% and 10% of the consumption for the person that assisted you.
PERU ADVENTURE TOURS recommend to book your tour package to Peru directly with Peruvian tour company. If you arrange and buy your tour package outside Peru you will pay taxes in your own country, when an overseas travel agency sends money to a Peruvian tour company who will be the "REAL" tour operator. This payment is exempt from taxes and this kind trade means you pay for a tour to Peru with a tour agency outside Peru, you contributing less to Peruvian economy, of course by buying any tour or services outside Peru you will still be helping the Peruvian economy by providing work for people involved in the tourism industry developed in different regions of Peru. PERU ADVENTURE TOURS pay sales tax every month, because our clients are direct sales by our website (online).

PERU ADVENTURE TOURS is officially registered by SUPERINTENDENCIA NACIONAL DE ADMINISTRACION TRIBUTARIA - SUNAT. Click on the picture below to see our permission.

For more inforation about all Peruvian taxes visit the official website of the government sales tax website


Tipping as know Propina or Servicio, normally the restaurants and hotels charge at the bottom of the bill. This means the restaurant or hotels have added a tip usually between 5 to 10%.
When you are paying your bill in a restaurant, look for the words propina or servicio near the bottom of the bill. This means the restaurant has added a tip, usually between 5 to 10%.
If you think the service is good, you can give the waiter an extra 10%. The cheapest restaurants usually do not include a tip. If this is the case, leave the waiter 10%. In better hotels you should tip about US $.50 a bag.
For tour guides, a recommended tip is approximately $5 a day per person. If you are in a larger group you could pay half of that. If you have complete tour package to Peru you need think to tip your tour guide, driver, and other camps staff. Every tipping is welcome to our camp staff.
All our camp staff are well paid and you are free to tip them or not.

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