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Discover The Inca's Land In A Real 4x4WD

Peru Off Road Tour is designed and dedicated for 4WD lovers with invincible and complex routes in the coast, Altiplano or rainforest of Peru. PERU ADVENTURE TOURS is specialized tour operator dedicated in organizing Off Road 4x4 expeditions throughout Peruvian territory.
Peru has spectacular highways, roads and trails will take you toward large valleys, deep canyons, high passes in the Cordille Andina, cross powerful rivers, driving in the driest desert of the world, and you turn on your motors and roll off toward one of the most astonishing geographies and unexpected magical and charming places in the planet.
Our favorite 4x4WD truck is the Toyota Land Cruiser 20010 to explore any kind of terrain which are difficult to access to reach the richest of ancient Inca Culture. The 4x4 tour in Peru goes to most remote places such as Ayacucho, Junin, Arequipa, Puno, Cusco, Huancayo, Puerto Maldonao, Manu national park, Tocache, Cotahuas canyon, San Fernando Marine reserve, Pampas Galeras, Sandia jungle. And other destinations "off the beaten path" while protecting natural and cultural resources from over-exploitation.
All our 4x4 trucks are equipped with oxygen tanks whenever exceeding heights starting from 0 - 5,900m and GPS whilst piercing the vast geography of Peru, also we provide first aid equipments and medicines, tourist insurance also for third parties.
Peru Off Road Tour is lead by an expert official tour guides in Off Road driving and they know very well each corner of every region of Peru. All our tours can combine with air charters on specific routes as well as adventure activities such as river rafting, kayaking, bird watching, mountaineering, trekking, bicycling, camping, lodgings, jungle piranha fishing, city tours, horseback riding and quad bike tours, and etc. Whatever you feel like doing we've got it so don';t hesitate make this coming vacation a special one.
Most of these expeditions begin and end in Lima. The duration of the trip depends on the route you decide to explore and also is possible to start in Lima and end in Chile, Bolivia or Ecuador with able tour guide who will lead you to the most important and interesting places. Let know us when and how many days you plan to take a 4x4 tour in Peru.
Available Off Road Tour programs under request only.


Let know to us where and how long you plan to visit Peru and we will designed the best itinerary including prices.


  1. Professional English speaking tour guide
  2. Professional licensed driver
  3. 4x4 vehicles Toyota Prado Land Cruiser
  4. Hotels in each destiny according the program and your request
  5. Entrance to the National park and archaeological sites
  6. Mentioned food according the program
  7. National flight tickets according the program
  8. Airport taxes (Local flights $7.00 USD per person)
  9. Full Insurance for the 4x4 and passengers
2* Hostels
3* Hostels or 2* Hotels
3* or 4* Hotels
4* or 5* Hotels
Departure day Any day. We reccommend between April November.
Discounts Discount: $5 USD of discount for South American Explorers Club Members
Discount 3%: Tour Operators or Travel Agencies Only
Students: $5 USD of discount only with valid green ISIC card
Group size 4 people per each 4x4
Private service Able departs any day for 4x4WD lovers.
Rain season December to April (Andes and Jungle), but some days are with blue sky permiting to ride this zone.
Best time for Ride Between April to November is considerate dry season for the coast, high Andes and the Jungle. In the Andes and jungle the weather change quick even in the dry season, maybe some day will be simple rain for few hour and not more.


  • Air-condition
  • Front and rear head rests
  • Independent seats
  • Front and rear safety belts
  • Interior mirror day/night view
  • Front and rear windshield wipers 2 vel
  • Saloon light
  • Tachometer
  • Radio antenna
  • Rear door
  • Front and rear mud flaps
  • Front halogen lights
  • Exterior mirrors
  • External mirrors
  • Heat Ventilation
  • GPS system
  • Oxygen canister
  • First aid Kit
  • Cooler to keep cold your drinks
  • Thermos to keep hot your drinks
  • Camping tent
  • Inflate mattress
  • Cigarette lighter

    1. International flight ticket
    2. Airport taxes (International flights $30.25 USD per person)
    3. Flight confirmation
    4. Phone calls
    5. Gasoline and road fees
    6. Extras at hotel
    7. Weight excess in your luggage
    8. Tips for tour guide and camp staff
    9. Alcoholic beverages, sodas, soft drinks, or mineral water
    10. Foods which are not specified


    1. Always listen to the recommendations of the guide.
    2. Always maintain the chronological order of the caravan as assigned by the Master Guide.
    3. Seat belts are compulsory at all times.
    4. Respect the established speed limits on all roads and where there are no signs posted, drive with criteria.
    5. Always procure to be accompanied by and adult person as co-pilot.
    6. Use the Radio CB with responsibility and only to communicate concerning specifically to your journey.
    7. Do not drive with kids in the front nor sitting in your laps.
    8. Always maintain a passive attitude when detecting an imprudent driver (it's always best to let them pass you).
    9. Always maintain a prudent distance between your vehicle and others, above all in terrain where your breaking capacity is considerably reduced such as: Stony roads, sand area, or mud as well as snow.
    10. On route when you are on a non-asphalted road and you find obstacles on your way it is imperative that you pass the obstacles always avoiding the down slopes on the road or abysm.
    11. It is possible that animals may cross in-front of you, it is important always to protect them but above all it is a priority to protect the lives of those with you in the car.
    12. 4x4 traction is a tool which provides us security in our driving, in case you may feel that your 4x4 traction is not working adequately it is important to inform this to the Master leader or guide.
    13. Always on off-road routes maintain active your 4x4 traction, incase you do not know what gear to use or traction please always ask, due to the fact that the type of traction and gears used will vary according to the type of terrain.
    14. On high routes it is important not to eat heavy food. Do not make drastic movements which may alter your initial oxygen level in your lungs because this can bring about, fainting, dizziness, height sickness. In these cases we have oxygen tanks and also adequate medicine always ask for help.
    15. Always make sure that your car is in optimal conditions being this a rented car either provided by us or independently rented.
    16. Always let your family knows where you are going to be at all times whether in Peru or abroad.
    17. Have the whole crew compromise to actively participate in maintaining safety conditions and look out throughout the journey.
    18. On sandy territory when driving down a sand dune please always consult with the guide what gear or traction to use.
    19. Deactivate airbags.
    20. Ensure your baggage, cooler and equipments to the floor or roof of your off-road unit.
    21. The best driver is not the one who drives faster than the others, but the one who arrives in good conditions at the final destination.
    22. Do not only observe the 4 cardinal points of the car, also above and under which are just as important.
    23. Before passing a difficult obstacle or one you are going to pass bye for the first time it is always best to get out of the car and check-out the terrain.
    24. Even though you feel secure that with a mechanical problem you may continue on route with the car it is always important to inform the guide of the group.


    1. Rain jacket for the Andes and the Jungle
    2. Waterproof boots
    3. Sleeping bag -15ºC (can be hired from our offices)
    4. One complete change of clothing
    5. Flashlight and batteries
    6. Hat or cap to protect you from the sun
    7. Sun block (sun protection cream)
    8. Insect repellent
    9. Yellow fiber vaccination only if you plan to visit the jungle of Peru
    10. Toiletries, towel and toilet paper
    11. Waterproof bags to protect your items from the rains and dust
    12. Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries
    13. Good sunglasses
    14. Swimsuit, on the tour are many possibilities to find hot spring
    15. International drive license only if you plan to hire a 4x4
    16. Personal first aid kit
    17. Extra money (soles)


    To visit Peru through one of our tours you must make a reservation in advance.
    We can help you to book your tour in 5 easy steps.
    1. Send an enquiry
    Use one of our e-mails mentioned at the bottom of each page of our website. You must need to be clear with your questions about the tour you like to book. We will appreciate if you add the tour link to be booked and will be easier for us to help you.
    You need to fill up the date of the tour? How many people? What level/category of hotel? What type of room? And other specifications will be better and our experienced and professional travel advisor will customize a tour to fit your exact needs.
    Also you can contact our office at 0051 (0)54 221658 or 0051 (0)54 973842688 to check availability for the requested tour.
    All reservation needs to make by e-mail at
    2. Get a Quote
    Our professional travel advisors will send you the best quote according your requested tour. The tour quote vary according the length of the tour, the accommodation, the sightseeing, meals, public or private transportation, air fares, equipments, etc.
    3. Amend your tour for FREE
    Our tip advisor will proposed you the acting tour plan within 24 hours or less, which you can further discuss the entire tour plan to suite your satisfactory.
    So feel free to express your wants, and take good advantages of your personal travel advisor's experience and advice.
    Here you can further discuss all the details of the tour plan until you are totally satisfied with it.
    4. Confirm & pay deposit of 50% at booking time
    A payment of 50% deposit of the total amount must be paid to us at booking time. The balance is to be paid in full on your arrival date or just before to begin the tour (meeting day). If we receive your booking for less than 10 days prior to the tour start date, might we will ask for payment to be made in full once you confirm the tour, ask for this before you book the tour.
    To find full information of our payment methods click on PAYMENT GUIDE .
    5. Final Payment & Enjoy your tour
    The final payment can be paid in different ways according each tour booked. One way when we meet you at the airport of Lima after your arrive to Peru. Other way is when we meet at your hotel one day before to start the service/tour, we use this method especially for people booking some hiking and climbing tours because we need to check the equipments as tents, ice axe, sleeping bags, etc. Normally the meeting time happens one day before depart between 6 to 8pm at the lobby of your hotel or in our local offices in Cusco or Arequipa.
    The final way is contacting the travelers just few minutes before to begin the service/trip; this can be at the hotel, airport, bus station or in our local offices.
    After you confirm the booking form and the first deposit we will e-mail you mentioned how which option we will chose to arrange the final balance of the trip.
    NOTE: Some tours can be booked directly in our local offices in Cusco or Arequipa. If there is availability for the requested tour will be a pleasure to fit you on the tour and you can pay the full amount in US dollars cash or local currency (soles). We will help you, we will fit you on the tour ONLY if we have place. Of course we DON'T guarantee any last moment departs. We really recommend making your reservation in advance and we will guarantee depart of the service/tour.
    IMPORTANTE: Before you book this tour and arrange the first payment of this tour read our TERMS & CONDITIONS.


    If you wish to arrange the payment for this tour using your credit card (Master Cards - Visa Cards - American Express Cards - JCB Cards - GiroPay - PayPal) we receive 50% or full payment from around the world through online SECURE payment method. To complete you payment click on PayPal logo.

    For more information about the tour or you request a new date to departure for this tour, please contact us....
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