The Best Way To Contact Andean People In 3 Days

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At 7AM we start our tour to the second deepest canyon in the world, driving on the left side of Chachani mountain (6070m), continue going up to 4400m over the sea level, is a Natural Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca, is the nature habitat for the Vicuñas, one of South American camelidos, groups of Llamas, Alpacas, small lake (Bofedales), highlands views (Pata Pampa 4850m), snow caps and volcanoes, will stop every place to get short break getting pictures from all each place you like.
At 12PM we will arrive to Chivay town, located over 3600m high, there you will have lunch and after that we go to learn all about our horses will be riding. We will learn how to communicate with our mounts horsemanship techniques similar to those used by the famous horse whisperer and you will practice with the horses.
At 4PM travel to the hot spring of LA CALERA.
At 7AM visit the Maria Reiche Planetarium, we invite you to immerse in the mysteries of the Colca Valley sky and enjoy the performance "Colca deep Canyon, deep sky". You can learn how the ancient inhabitants of the Andes interpreted the night sky according to their myths and beliefs. The performances include projecting constellations in the Planetarium dome as well as observing the stars of Colca`s sky through a professional telescope. Dinner will be served accompanied with live Andean music show. Over night at this town in a selected lodging.
NOTE For the first night in the Colca valley you can choose to spend the night at Chivay or Yanque village, both places have good quality of acommodation but this need to be confirm at booking time.
Galloping Paso Horse Of Peru


At 7AM is the breakfast at the hotel and travel to Yanque village, from where we will star to ride our horses, this day you will go on a longer ride through the Colca valley with our friendly horseman, you will see spectacular pre-Inca terraces along the Colca river, colony churches, pre Incas ruins, Ichupampa and Lari village, they are typical villages on the left bank of the river and the trail is mostly even.
At 12PM after four hours of riding arrive to Lari, where we will have lunch and continue riding between the terraces, going down to the bottom of the Colca River and crossing to right side of the Canyon and then we uphill to Pinchollo village (3400m) where will stay in a basic accommodation, but in a nice green area surrounded by high mountains like Mismi, Hualca Hualca and Bomboya.
Amazonas Riding Peru Paso Horses


At 7AM after breakfast we go riding the horses for 2 hours to the famous Condor Cross (3600m), at this place is possible to appreciate the fly of Condors or sometimes seating on the big rocks, two hours spending looking this amusing and biggest flying bird in the world, also is possible to seeing many villages at the deep part of this spectacular Canyon.
At 10AM Is time to say "Thanks for everything and hasta la vista amigo" to the horses and to our horseman, We drive to Chivay, stopping on the way back, getting nice views from the river and Colca valley, colony churches, handicraft markets, green villages in the canyon and local's people working the ancient's pre-Incas terraces.
At 12PM lunch time again at Chivay, after that we come back to Arequipa, after 4 hours we will arrive to your accommodation and end the service.


  1. English-Speaking tour guide
  2. Tourist transportation or private van (according your request)
  3. First night in a hotel Chivay/Yanque and the second night you will stay at homestay in Pinchollo or camping (Private Service only)
  4. Entrance to the Colca canyon (70 nuevos soles or 30 USD)
  5. Entrance to hot spring in Chivay
  6. All the foods ( 2 breakfast - 2 cold lunches - 2 dinners)
  7. Visit the Maria Raiche planetarium/showing and projection andean world constellations
  8. 5 - 6 hours horseback riding on the second day, on day 3 is only 2 hours of riding
  9. Peruvian Paso and Criollos horses and saddles
  10. Horseman to help you with horses
  11. All food and acommodation for our camp staff
  12. Food and place to stay for the horses
  13. Camping gear (Four season tents & mattrasses) only if you like camping on the second night (Private Service only)
  14. Oxygen bottle and first aid kit for participants and our camp staff

If this is your first time going to the Andes or High Mountains we recommend getting information about the ALTITUDE SICKNESS, see below some websites recommend by High Mountain doctors and scientists from over the world.
ISMM – International Society For Mountain Medicine
MEDEX – Medical Expeditions

Any day
(even rain season)

The Best Way To Contact Andean People In 3 Days

Backpacker Service (Join a group)
1 to more participants $535 USD each

Private Service (Private Guide/Van)
2 participants $785 USD each
3-4 participants $632 USD each
5 to more participants $546 USD each
Discount: $5 USD for South American Explorers Club Members
Discount 3%: Tour Operators or Travel Agencies Only
Students: $5 USD of discount only with valid green ISIC card
Organized Groups: We offer private and any time departure
Group size: 6 participants per guide - We need minimum two participants to develop this trip
BOOK HERE: We highly recommended to book space prior you arrive to Peru
* You will receive a basic course to ride Paso horses in the safety of our corral (beginners)
* We strongly recommend taking the private VIP service and you will receive the supporting of the vehicle in case you don't want to ride any more
*Private VIP service is recommended because the program on the first and last day will be more flexible according your request
*Backpacker service is join a group of tourist on the first and last day, you will have limits to stop or to fellow your request
* To participate on this tour we suggest having little experience riding long time (5-6 hours)
* The horses are great and well cared and they are very quiet and peaceful and friendly animals.
Horses Of Peru
All prices stated above are subject to change.
Exchange rate $1 USD = S/. 3.02 (rate may vary daily).


  1. Alcoholic and soda drinks
  2. Sleeping bag (can be hired in our office of Arequipa $5 USD per day) only if you want to make camping
  3. Breakfast on the first day
  4. Tips for guide and camp staff


  1. Day backpack if you take private service, you can put your staff in the vehicle
  2. Sleeping bag (can be hired from our office for $5 USD per day) only if you like to camp on the first or second day
  3. Rain jacket or poncho (December - April)
  4. Strong comfortable and waterproof footwear
  5. One complete change of clothing
  6. Sweater and jacket (something warm)
  7. Bottle of water and purification tablets (Micropur are recommended and can be bought in local pharmacies in Arequipa)
  8. Flashlight and batteries
  9. Hat or cap to protect you from the sun
  10. Sun block (sun protection cream)
  11. Toiletries, towel and toilet paper
  12. Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits, etc
  13. Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries
  14. Sunglasses
  15. Extra money (soles) for tiping or to buy some souvenirs

We don't hire our horses, sorry.

For more information about the tour or you request a new date to departure for this tour, please contact us....
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