Amazing Trekking Tour To Andean 7 Colors Mountain - Montaña Vinicunca

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Cusco Mountain Colours - Arcoiris Mountain


  1. English-speaking guide
  2. Pickup from hotel in Cusco (3AM)
  3. Private transport for whole trip (Private Service only)
  4. Shared transpor for whole trip (Group Service only)
  5. Breakfast in the town of Pitumarca
  6. Entrance to hike and visit Montaña 7 Colores (rainbow mountain)
  7. Drinking water during all the trip
  8. First aid kit and oxygen bottle for any participant and our camp staff
  9. Dro-off at your hotel in Cusco (around 7PM)

If this is your first time going to the Andes or High Mountains we recommend getting information about the ALTITUDE SICKNESS, see below some websites recommend by High Mountain doctors and scientists from over the world.
ISMM – International Society For Mountain Medicine
MEDEX – Medical Expeditions

Every day between April to November DAY TRIP FROM CUSCO TO RAINBOW MOUNTAIN AND VALLE ROJO - Private Service

Amazing Trekking Tour To Andean 7 Colors Mountain - Montaña Vinicunca
GROUP SERVICE (Join a group)
$82 USD Each

(Private guide/Van)
2 participants $205 USD each
3-4 participants $140USD each
5 to more participants $99 USD each
Organized Groups: Departure is available every day under request only
Group size: 8-12 participants per 1 guide
BOOK HERE: We highly recommended to book this trek prior you arrive to Peru
All prices stated above are subject to change.

GROUP SERVICE $82 USD P.P (Monday - Wednesday - Friday)

This service needs minimum 4 participants and is available only 3 times per week (monday, wednesday and friday) - We don't organize weekend trip to rainbow mountain because is to busy (more tham 2000 tourists) and makes so dusty and no really nice - The maximum number in our transport is not more than 12 people per each tour guide.


The depart for this option is available every day at 3AM, before or later according your request but recommend to depart as early as possible to be the first people on the mountain - On weekends is available only customer request otherwise we recommend to do this trip during the week - On weekends is to much people around the main attraction and sometimes is not nice for pictures or not enough space for resting/moving around.
Winicunca And Ausangate Mountain


  1. Hotel in Cusco
  2. Travel insurance - We highly recommend to get a insurance before your travel to Peru
  3. Walking poles - They can hired from camping shops in Cusco
  4. Horese for riding from the parking to bottom of rainbow mountain ($45 USD each)
  5. Lunch; on the way back there some local restaurants offering buffet lunch - Vegetarian food is available inder request
  6. Soft and alcoholic drinks
  7. Tips for guide and driver - This vary according how happy you feel with their service


  1. Backpack 45Lt to carry your personal things as camera, fleece, hat, etc.
  2. Extra money - The local business accept only soles (no credit card or doreigner money)
  3. Rain jacket or poncho (December - April) if you book this trip under your risk
  4. Strong comfortable and waterproof footwear for better performance
  5. Winter and summer clothes
  6. Flashlight and extra batteries just in case
  7. Hat or cap to protect you from the sun
  8. Sun block (sun protection cream)
  9. Toiletries, towel and toilet paper
  10. Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits, etc
  11. Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries
  12. Swimsuit (if you plan on visiting the hot springs at Aguas Calientes after the trek)
  13. Walking sticks or poles (rubber covers required in order not to damage the path


This mountain is located on the heart of the southern Andes of Peru - The rain season is very heavy and normally begins the first week of December to last week of April - During the rainy season (Dec. to March) is not recommended to visit the Rainbow Mount (5100M) because is dangerous thanks to the thunders/lightning - Another problem is the path is complete covered by snow making difficult to find the correct way up and if the snow is to high will be harder to hike up - If is cloud easily will be foggy all the mountain and will hard to see around and you will waste your time for nothing - Other problem could be the road from Pitumarca town to last seccion/bottom of the mountain (gravel road), there is very narrow road and if is heavy rain willbe very dangerous to drive or easily we can find land-slide on the way up - PERU ADVENTURE TOURS do not recommend to book trip during the rainy season otherwise will be under your responsability.


HIGH SICKNESS: The hike up from the bus stop (4500M) up to the top of Rainbow Mountain (5100M) is not easy even if you been before in other high places as Cusco (3600M) or Lake Ticaca (3820M) - The way up is in good conditions but the high altitude makes hard each step - The uphill hike takes between 3 and 4 hours (around 8KM of distance) - The way down is around 2 hours.
We advice you to be in good physical conditions and of course get better acclimmatize to altitude with some trekking through the Andes before you go to Montaña Arcoiris or bring some altitude pills to help you avoid the high sickness.
PICTURES: The best time for pictures is between 7AM and 9AM because the rainbow mountain is facing the sun and the contrast of the 7 colors is more strong - Another important advice is to reach the top as early as possible before the tourist caravan's arrives there, normally the groups arrive after 8:30AM.
HORSE RIDE: For horse lovers maybe is not nice to see the small Andean horses around this tourist attraction but we also understand the local people making business with their horses - The hire horses for uphill and downhill trip for about $45 USD or just for uphill ride for $25 USD per each horse - The way up riding a horse is not more than 2 hours - Each horse go with a horseman, never you will ride along even if you are experience rider - Our company and tour guide recommend to hire a horse to get up there, be the first visitors and get more time to explore around - The limit of weight for ride a horse vary according how big and strong they are, but normally is between 90Kg and 110Kg.
WEATHER ON MONTAÑA 7 COLORES: During the reany season is cloudy (Dec - March) but the rest of the year noramlly we can find very clear sky, windy before 8AM and after 2PM - Mostly strong sunny days but we still recommend to bring good summer clothes, hat, gloves, sunglass, sunscream and others.
Dry season (April - November)
Day temperature 20ºC/21ºC
Night temperature -15ºC/5ºC
Wet season (December - March)
Day temperature 25ºC/22º;C
Night temperature -10ºC/5ºC

TOILET SERVICE: There are 4 available common toilets on the way up but are not nice/clean enought - Another option is to bring some coins (soles) and you can use private toilets running by some local people living around - We recommend to bring toilet paper and sanitiser soap to clean your hands because some day is not water because the pipe is freezing.

If you other specific questions about trip to Montañana Arcoiris (Rainbow Mountain) please let us know by email ( and we will answer as soon as possible.
Valle Colorado - Valle Rojo


Along the way you will met many people, specially kids walking long distance to arrive at school and study 5 hours and they back home after maybe 30 minutes or 2 - 4 hours depending how far they live from primary school. Normally they are son or daughter of poor farmers living on the mountains. We strongly recommend help us to give some present to them like pencils, notebook, dictionaries, toys, clothes (socks, gloves, hat, t-shirt, etc) and something to eat. We don't recommend giving them things like candies, chew gun, soda, camping knife or money. If you really like to make picture of them, especially of adults we strongly advise you to ask first. If you don't speak any word of Spanish language (Español) coordinate with your guide to see if is possible to have picture of them. Local people don't permit take picture of them, because they believe you taking their spirit on the photo, strange but true.


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